Swim Supplies – Update!

So while some of my fellow bloggers splurge on adorable Middle Earth dresses, my weakness is swim suits. I have so many already; 90% of them are too degraded to wear, but I keep ’em anyway in the back of my closet. Seriously, a few were worn until the fabric hung in shreds, so they look like they would be fantastic props in Jurassic Park: Plesiosaur Edition.

But no worries guys! I bought more! Whew.

Today I just got two in the mail from our new favorite swim supplier. For all you ladies, this is a style I forgot to mention in my last video! They’re both two-pieces, so while they take a little confidence, they can be pretty comfy and allow for a wider range of motion. They’re even specially designed so a hard push off the wall doesn’t mean you’ll be scrabbling for a kickboard to cover yourself. Check ’em out:


The one on the left is Sporti, while the right one is Waterpro.




Pay attention to the strap design when ordering; it’s okay to have a preference for wider straps or cute criss-crosses. Also, although these are both the same size, the Sporti one (bottom) has a much smaller panel in the front, so there’s less coverage. That’s probably not what you want…


I took the blue Sporti one for its inaugural swim in the pool tonight, and I’m pretty happy with it. While it’s a bit tight, the chlorine will soon take its toll and loosen it up. Also, remember how I told you in the video how the parts pressed tight against skin aren’t affected by contact with cholorine as much? There’s already a color difference between the outside of the suit and  the little edging bits on the inside. No bueno! This one might not be in it for the long haul, unfortunately. Still, I’ll take it for $15 over $60 Nike ones anyday.

Happy swimming!



6 thoughts on “Swim Supplies – Update!

    • I totally know what problem you’re talking about! I normally get pretty hot during a workout, but then I have to make a dash for the hot tub with my arms across my chest! Sadly, I’ve never seen a workout suit with padding. However, while some suits are just composed of a layer of the lycra/spandex material with a thin nude liner, others are two layers of the thicker material, so that’s something to keep an eye out for. The two suits above both have two layers. 🙂

    • Yup, bikinis are my go-to in the summer, but there has been more than one time I’ve had to yank something back in place after jumping in! These shorts have drawstrings similar to guys’ Speedos, so no worries there 🙂

    • Hmm, I’ve never tried a two piece while racing. I keep a more expensive suit around specifically for meets, so I don’t have to worry if all of my practice suits are in a less-than-ideal state of wear. But now that I have new two pieces, I might just have to bring one to my next meet!

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