Thank you

Dear readers,

I hope you have enjoyed popping by my blog the last few weeks as much as I’ve enjoyed picking out pictures and jotting down memories. Sadly, the academic quarter is wrapping up, which means that soon I won’t be in a blogging class anymore. Thus, no more assigned blog posts. Now don’t get me wrong; writing for this blog has felt like more like a break in studying rather than a task.

Still, homework has always been the most important thing to me while I’m in school, followed by swimming, working, and dominating my roommates in the hangman game we have going on a whiteboard (not necessarily in that order). So, many other things will probably be queued up on a to-do list before “write blog post.”

While future posts may not be as frequent, I hope to still post every once in a while (probably on breaks). I’ve got some exciting things coming up that I’d like to share: yesterday I decided I’d be swimming at USMS Nationals in Indianapolis in May, plus I have an internship in Maine this summer, radio-tagging salmon. Like many of my classmates, I’ve chosen a topic–actually two!– to blog about that will thankfully never be fully explored.

Since I won’t be posting as frequently, posts will probably be longer and ideas more carefully fleshed out. So, my lovely readers, do you have any suggestions as to what you’d like to see in the future? Has it bummed you out that I haven’t posted very many beginner swimming tips? Let me know about anything you’re interested in, and I’ll try to make sure to cover it in the future!

Whew, too much talkie, not enough pics, right? Let’s wrap this up; throw out your thoughts in the comments, and I’ll be sure to respond!





3 thoughts on “Thank you

    • I thought that your blog had one of the best progressions of voice. You could see the improvement across your posts as you became more confortable posting. I’m glad to see that you might continue the development of your voice through the summer!

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