The foray into a legit office aquarium

I had a lot of aquatic pets growing up, from a betta named Neemo adopted from a friend to a Pacman frog that lived like 6 years to an African dwarf frog that killed himself by getting stuck in the tank decoration.

I tried goldfish in college, but it’s just too hard to have pets when week or two-long quarter breaks beckon ya somewhere else. Now that I have my own office in grad school (and friends who are always around taking care of their experiments if I’m out of town), it’s easier to have a pet. I’ve used a Kritter Keeper on and off for the last year, but after buying a new large pet shrimp spur-of-the-moment, I decided he needed more room.

Thus, I decided to go big…or as big as 5.5 gallons gets me. Petsmart’s Top Fin brand has quite the deal in a $30 tank that comes with a pump, filter, and an LED light. A light alone costs more than this package separately!

I’m in love with it so far, but even more in love with the little guys in it. Way more on them in the future!